Older age can be a time of greater health, greater dignity and greater potential. We empower initiatives that are rethinking ageing...for our loved ones and for each of us when our time comes.

Rethink Age

Aegium Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to making older age a time of greater health, greater dignity and greater potential.

We believe everyone should be able to enjoy a fulfilling and contented life in their older years – a time when they can make the most of their leisure, celebrate their achievements and share their wisdom.

Working in Queensland, we achieve our mission by supporting initiatives in ground-breaking medical research, in rethinking services and in encouraging a deeper understanding of age-related issues amongst medical students.

Three Ways We Help

How we support age-redefining initiatives


Medical research

We seek out and fund medical research and treatment possibilities that may have the key to major improvements in health, happiness and well-being for older people.


Education and equity

We fund initiatives that encourage more medical students to specialise in geriatric medicine helping create a better care experience for every older person – not forgetting those who suffer challenges of distance, cultural difference or social disadvantage.


Technology and innovation

We fund initiatives that rethink the future of care for older people, exploring opportunities to help older people stay more independent and continue to be active participants.

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Aegium supports initiatives that have big potential but sometimes only a little funding...

Support the Aegium Foundation and help us change the way we experience old age.